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Bargain! Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

Product Description
The Razor Dune Buggy provides the ultimate in electric powered off-road capabilities. Powerful speeds up to 9mph and can carry up to 120lbs ! The Dune Buggy's specially designed reduction drive is perfect for lower torque climbing and off-roading. 8" knobby tires and big bucket seat allow for a smooth comfortable ride. Ages 8+

  • Compact kids dune buggy with powerful 350-watt electric motor
  • Reaches speeds of up to 10 mph; 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires
  • Durable tubular steel frame; padded bucket seat with seatbelt
  • Hand throttle and brake controls; requires no fuel to run
  • Supports up to 120 pounds driver weigh; for ages 8 and older

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Close to Perfect
This has proven to be a fun and reliable toy for my 5 year old son. He absolutely loves it. The build quality seems solid and my only real concern is the parts supply drying up in the future on things like throttle switches, etc. There are a few niggling things that I would change, but I am sure they would add to the cost of the product.

-The throttle is operated by your thumb, which works fine, but my son is always complaining that his thumb hurts and he has to take a break. I have rotated it up from where it was in the box, and that helped some. I would have a throttle pedal and leave the brake on the steering wheel.

-The dune buggy has no reverse switch. We are going to add something ourselves. There have been a lot of situations where having reverse for a three point turn could have saved frustration. Power Wheels have it, why not this?

-The tires wear very quickly. This stems both from the tire's tread design and that fact that the buggy has a solid rear axle. The axle is a great way of keeping costs down, but the tires could be a better design. Our tires have worn so quickly that I am thinking of buying 8 of them so I can assure a supply for the future. I am also planning on looking for different tire choices from industrial suppliers. There might be something that fits that was originally made for a caster or something.

-Our son is only 40 lbs. and that doesn't activate the rear suspension at all. The spring seems pretty stiff for the application, even with the preload backed all the way off, meaning that the suspension at this point is just a gimmick.

Was the best purchase we ever made for our kids until it stopped working
Stopped working after 9 months. Razor only warranties their stuff for 90 days. Really crappy if you ask me. I'll never buy another razor product.

Fun, exceeded expectations
This thing is alot of fun, and my three kids, aged 6, and 5 (twins) love it and can drive it around our bumpy desert gravel yard easily. Worked right out of the box, and battery life was higher than the claimed 45 minutes. It's definitely FAR superior to the plastic drive-on toys you see commonly, although I'd say the kids need to be at least 4 to drive it. I'll probably buy one or two more so they can cruise around together. The only thing that missing is a reverse gear - it's annoying to have to move the cart around when it gets stuck somewhere.

all the kids in the neighborhood want to ride it...came fully assembled....everything works...RAZOR brand it excellent!!!

I purchased this for my seven year old daughter who is too big for your run-of-the-mill in store motor vehicles. So I took a risk ordered this online and it arrived a week before xmas. It was fully assembled. The instructions said it had to charge for 18 hours so I plugged it in. My daughter got on it on xmas day and loved it for about 45 minutes, then it started to lose power. My daughter is only 60lbs and the buggy is supposed to hold up to 120lbs. When it slowed she had to take her legs out and scoot herself along. The quick loss of power could have a lot to do with the slightly rough terrain. We live in the country on a huge acre lot. The land is flat but I am assuming this vehicle is not intended for use on grass. We tried it on the driveway and concrete areas and it went much faster.

All in all I am satisfied with the product.

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